We are Mukisa Global Inc

We are agents of change in Jesus’ name.

About us

We are Mukisa Global Inc., operating in Uganda as Golden Herd Mukisa LTD. We are agents of Change. Wherever we are, we impact the lives of people, groups, families, communities, and countries by building sustainable communities through the creation and empowerment of local supported businesses. We envision a flourishing community reflecting God’s glory on earth. One day, Mukisa will be the most impactful and transformational community in the World. We have a servant leadership model approach to enable people to develop their abilities and build sustainable families, businesses, and communities.

Our history

« Every journey starts with the first step ». In January 2020, Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia went to Uganda for a medical mission outreach, especially in Entebbe. This mission included multiple stops in four different islands across the Lake of Victoria. Nose Poliard, CEO and Founder of Mukisa Global Inc. was part of the evangelism and medical team as a professional Social Worker, specialized in Community Development. He has a passion for mission. It turned out the beloved Ugandans refused to believe that his name is << Nose>>. Given the fact He was a true blessing to everyone and especially the community, seven of the participants consulted to change his name from Nose to Mukisa, which is the word for blessing. << We called you Mukisa because you were a true blessing to us>>, Mrs. Bwambale said.

During the outreach, Nose took a tour in one of the Islands called Bussi. His guide, M. Nelson Mudenya, a native of Uganda , was excited to visit the Island with him. They made a need assessment of this community, which does not have any Health care support system, nor a reliable medical clinic, nor a solid educational school, but full of empty-fertile land. Back to the US, Nose obtained the support of His astonishing wife Lynda to start collaborating with Nelson Mudenya. They decided to establish a goat farm as the starting point of a number of development projects. Thus, the model was born as a multidimensional supported business generating profits to build sustainable communities. This project already has created employment and attracted more professionals to the Island as we offer free housing and other benefits to staff. This is how everything started. Then, Dr. Ecclesiaste Theodore, our Chief financial Officer, joined us with His wife Dr. Rosa-Morales (MD); along with Ing. Neemy Michel and His wife, Nirva. Then, M. Edward Brauer, and his wife Carolyn felt called to join. We are in a journey for Christ to create self-sufficient and sustainable individuals, business, and communities.

Mukisa Global Inc

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